Chef: Yenjai Suthiwaja
Cuisine: American
Opening Hours: Daily 12-3:00pm and 17:00pm-11:45
Telephone : +91 11 2677 9191

Neung Roi serves the most authentic Thai cuisine in Delhi with each section of the menu dedicated to the different region in Thailand focusing on fresh, healthy ingredients to deliver an exquisite dining experience.

Located in Radisson Blue Plaza, Mahipalpur, New Delhi, Neung Roi serve arguably the most authentic Thai cuisine in the capital with each section of the menu dedicated to the different region in Thailand: The Central Plains, North (Lanna), North East (Isan)and Southern Thailand (the Isthmus of Kra). Chef Orawan and Neung Roi’s team focuses on fresh, healthy produce to deliver exquisite food and memorable dining experience.

Sago pearls in warm coconut milk.

The royal golden yellow tablecloths, exotic decors, soothing spotlight on every table as well as the open kitchen visible from almost all the seats of the restaurant create a wonderful ambience.

Excellent and quick staff with full knowledge of the menu. The waiters are good at suggesting the right dishes when you are not sure of what to order by enlightening diners the difference between the cuisines.

The dishes from Northern region cuisine of Lanna are characterized by their hotness and saltiness and lack many ingredients generally used in other Thai cuisines, such as fish sauce, shrimp paste, and coconuts. The Isan cuisine is simple and has spicy flavors; meals are dominated by salads, dips, broths and grilled and cured meat. Cuisine from the Central Plains is hot but has a broader range of flavors and dishes compared to other parts of Thailand. The south of the country’s menu features an abundance of seafood and freshest varieties of chilies in the region make this food the spiciest. Though each region is characterized as thus, the use of different seasoning leads to multiple flavors, textures and balanced tastes in a single dish. The food in the menu includes Tohu song Keit, Amuse bouche – (grilled aubergines and lemon chilli sauce on a base of tomatoes), Pla yang kamin – (grilled tilapia fish with fresh turmeric and tamarind sauce). Chormuang (steamed Thai butterfly flower dumplings filled with vegetable), Porpia Sod (Phuket-style fresh vegetable spring rolls), Phad phed moo krob – (southern style pork with white ginger, young peppercorn, basil and kaffir lime leaves), Pooja – (stuffed crabmeat and minced pork served in crab shell, served with plum sauce), other delicacies include Yam Pak Sod, Phla Goong, pomelo salad, chicken satay with peanut sauce and cucumber relish, Sago pearls in warm coconut milk. Drinks in abundant include Blue topaz signature mocktail & Cocktail blue sapphire.

INR 2,400 for two

Whether you go in for the coconut-based curries of South Thailand, the rich food of Central Thailand, the spicy, sour tastes of the Isan province, or the food of North Thailand that lacks fish sauce or coconut milk, the award-winning restaurant; such as ‘The Best Thai Restaurant in India’ by Thai Embassy, will surely deliver an excellent culinary experience.

Radisson Blu Plaza, Block R
Mahipalpur Village, Mahipalpur
New Delhi, Delhi 110037
Contact for reservations:
Phone: +91 11 2677 9191
Web: Neung Roi

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